PierVantage™ Releases Major Enhancements for Boatyards!

PierVantage™ continues to invest heavily in it’s platform, adding new functionality to support the growing Service Market. The PierVantage team is pleased to announce the rollout of its Winter 2014 Release. This release includes several significant enhancements all designed to help Boatyards/Service Centers manage their business more efficiently.

Release Highlights:

Work Order Template
Service Writers and Managers now have the ability to create a template for each project or work order. Within each template resides all of the necessary operations and tasks to complete the project. Each operation and task is pre-populated with all of the labor and materials required to complete the project.

When the customer approves the estimate, the project is accepted in the system and purchase requests are generated for all of the material needed for the job. As time and materials get posted to the project in real time, managers can quickly view the percentages of completion of any stage of the project and/or the overall project. This new functionality will give boatyard managers the visibility they need to prevent cost overruns and identify areas of the project that need to be better managed.

Furthermore, because PierVantage is an integrated solution with tremendous reporting capabilities, managers will have the ability to compare profit margins from one work order to the next and one operation to the next. This will give them insight into troubled areas of the job, enabling adjustments to be proactively made for future projects. The goal with this new functionality is to give you the tools you need to constantly improve efficiencies so you can keep costs low to either make more money or sell more work (or both)!

The gritty details of this new functionality will be included in the Full Release notes coming out soon and please stay tuned for our Summer Release that will take Boatyard Project Management to the next level including powerful graphical project and resource management capabilities.


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The PierVantage Team