Looking for a marine management software solution that pays for itself?

Our Customers will tell you PierVantage pays for itself over and over again… just ask them.  In your business, numbers matter and we understand you need to see a quick Return On Investment (ROI).  Because it is a Software As A Service (SaaS) model, the barrier to entry (i.e. up-front cost) is significantly lower than purchasing an expensive on-premise boatyard software or boat building software system.  While our competitors like to charge you a lot of money up front, we like to space out the costs over time – giving you a chance to pay for PierVantage as you use it and most importantly, Make Money With It.  

One-Time On-Boarding Fee
Covers initial setup, standard data conversion and on-site education during the implementation process and up to 30 days post implementation.

Low-Cost Licensing

PierVantage has developed a licensing plan that really works. We offer two different types of licenses to minimize costs.

  • Power-User License:  A Power-User license provides role-based access to all of PierVantage’s many features. These licenses are purchased on a concurrent user basis.
  • Workforce-User License:  Workforce User licenses provide limited access to PierVantage. This license allows employees to track their individual time and attendance, apply their time to projects they are working on, and check out parts from inventory and apply them to specific projects.  These licenses are purchased on a named user basis.

No Costly Software or Hardware Upgrades
All upgrades to server software, hardware and security patches are free!

Functional Upgrades are Free!
We won’t be back every few years asking you to lay out big dollars for “new, improved” software. Our software upgrades are free** — we are committed to soliciting ideas from our customers to continuously refine and improve PierVantage. We expect to implement up to two releases of product enhancements per year.

* Supporting data includes (but not limited to) customer information, charts of accounts, boat information, part and inventory information, vendor information and employee information. Data must be provided in a format that meet PierVantage’s requirements.
** Applies to functional enhancements for purchased modules. PierVantage reserves the right to develop new add-on modules for purchase.

PierVantage makes it easy to get started

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