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PierVantage Product Feature and Videos –

PierVantage is a highly customizable marine management software designed to streamline your operations. Explore our features and discover how PierVantage can work for you.

Click on any video to learn more about each feature or how to use PierVantage effectively. Start optimizing your marine business today with PierVantage!

1. How PierVantage Can Help Your Marine/Boatyard Business

PierVantage is a tool to manage your marine business more effectively by providing a single platform that integrates and organizes all of your business information and allows you to access and analyze that information anytime from anywhere.

2. Work Order Structure

Work Orders are the main mechanism by which project costs are tracked and revenue is collected. A single account can have simultaneous work orders in progress. Learn more.

3. Creating Work Order

Set up a Project to which Labor and Materials can be applied and Billed to the Customer.

4. Create an Advanced Estimate

Learn how to create a new word order based on the estimate in the PierVantage tool.

5. Purchasing Order

A video walk-though on how to create a purchase order in the marine management software.

6. Part Checkout

This video is a walk-though on how to do Parts Checkout to Work Orders.

7. Time Entry Options

The purpose of this video is to show the user the 3 options available in PierVantage to enter time onto Work Orders.

8. Time and Material Review

Internally review Labor and Materials that have been applied to a Work Order, prior to Billing.

9. Billing Basics

A walk-through on how to create a new bill based for your account.

10. Report Analysis Tool

A video walk through of the Analysis Grid features found in some reports. This tool unable users to gain insights by analyzing data in various ways.

11. Work Order Profitability

Check out how to create a new work order based on the estimate in the PierVantage tool.

12. Point of Sale

Check out how to create a sales receipt for your account in the PierVantage boatyard management tool.

13. Bar Coding Functionality

The purpose of this video is to highlight the bar coding functionality in PierVantage and touch base on the different areas of the system where bar coding could be utilized including Part Administration, Part Checkout, Point of Sale, Reporting and Time Entry.

14. Boat Administration Module

An overview of the features available within the Boat Administration Module. Within each boat record, there are three separate tabs each serving unique purpose – Boat Components tab, Service History tab, Ownership History tab.

15. Entering an AP Invoice

Record Expenses to the General Ledger and/or disburse them to a Work Order.

16. Editing the Home Screen

Customize your PV home page to include announcements, employee recognition, policy information and/or helpful links.