Introducing PV Pay: Empowering marine businesses to bill and collect payments 4X faster

Newark, Delaware [August 8, 2023] – CorVant, the creators of PierVantage, announced the introduction of embedded payment engine PV Pay – allowing PierVantage customers to bill and collect up to four times faster than they do today.

PV Pay will allow PierVantage users to send invoices to their customers via email with an embedded payment link. The customers can simply click on the link, select a payment type (e.g., credit card, e-check) fill in the relevant details and process the payment. Settlements can made as frequently as daily. PierVantage users will have access to a portal with visibility to all their payment transactions as well as reports and analytics.

CorVant has been committed to R&D and continuous improvement since its inception. Addressing the rapid growth of line transactions and the increasing focus on customer experience, PV Pay helps provide a more seamless customer journey. PierVantage customers are now able to purchase goods and services both more easily, therefore attract and retain individual and business customers while providing high levels of service.

Additionally, PV Pay provides dramatic improvement in cash-to-cash cycle time and streamlines the billing and payment processes, thus eliminating the need to manually enter payments and apply them to invoices. Invoice error reduction, highly competitive rates, and being a sole source for handling all payments makes PV Pay a compelling value proposition for all PierVantage users.

“PV Pay enables companies to manage their businesses online, doing the undifferentiated heavy lifting in terms of accepting those payments, processing the revenue, reporting and reconciliation, all ensuring compliance and security,” explains Sukumar Narayanan, CorVant’s President and Chief Strategy Officer. “We make it seamless and frictionless, especially as a global operation which means accepting different currencies and payment methods in addition to dealing with many compliance requirements and scaling needs.”

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About CorVant

CorVant, through its flagship product, PierVantage, provides boatyards and boatbuilders with a sophisticated business management solutions allowing them to manage their operations effectively and provide superior customer service. PierVantage is an innovative cloud-based solution that is feature rich, secure, scalable, and offers a compelling return on investment.

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