PierVantage Gives Boatyards The Advantage

PierVantage Gives Boatyards The AdvantageTHE INDUSTRY’S ONLY CLOUD-BASED BUSINESS SOFTWARE, Piervantage™ is a cutting-edge solution built specifically for boatyards, full-service marine facilities, and boat-building operations to better manage their projects, workforce, and work flow. Piervantage™ is the industry’s only platform that is cloud based, keeping your business data safe from natural disasters and unexpected events – and keeping customers up-to-date with regular system upgrades.

Developed for boatyards, marinas and boat building facilities.
We developed PierVantage™ with input from some of the most respected boatyard owners and operators in the industry, helping us design an efficient and very specific program to run all facets of operations from estimating jobs to processing change orders to creating custom invoices. This streamlined approach increases employee productivity and reduces costs.

Increases profitability for its customers.
PierVantage’M has been credited with helping some of the best boatyards and boat builders in the industry become more profitable – even in the face of the dramatic economic downturn. “Piervantage has been instrumental in our ability to grow our business and become more efficient,” said Front Street Shipyard president, JB Turner, recent winner of The 2013 Boatyard of the Year Award. “It’s played a key role in our growth from a startup shipyard to an enterprise with over 100 employees – in just eighteen months. Regardless of the size of your operation, Piervantage will help you run your business better.”

Cloud-based business software offers ease-of-use and protection for businesses.
Every aspect of a boatyard’s business can be handled through this single portal. And, as a cloud-based solution, Piervantage™ hosts servers and storage equipment in secure and highly redundant data centers across the country. They are designed to protect your data and keep your business running regardless of occupational hazards like fires, storms and floods. With Piervantage™, an Internet connection is the only infrastructure you need. You and your employees can access Piervantage’s cutting-edge functionality from anywhere in the world.

Cloud-based software is less expensive and does not get antiquated over time.
“The big benefits of this web-based solution are lower costs, increased productivity, and better security and reliability,” says Navroze Eduljee, CEO of Corvant™ creators of Piervantage™. “It is less expensive because it doesn’t require our customers to make an investment in hardware and software. Upgrades to the system are free. we won’t be back every few years asking you to pay big dollars for a new and improved software program. That’s our promise.”