Pacific Fishermen Shipyard and Electric, Marshall Marine, and SYS Yacht Sales & Service to leverage PierVantage™ to grow their business!

PierVantage™, the marine industry’s first and only true cloud based solution built specifically for boatyards, full service marine facilities, and boat building operations is excited to announce that Pacific Fishermen Shipyard and Electric, Marshall Marine, and SYS Yacht Sales & Service have signed on. Starting in early 2014, these businesses will join numerous other cutting edge boatyards, boat builders and marine facilities who utilize PierVantage to gain a competitive advantage. “We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to be working with some of the most respected boatyards and boat building operations in the world,” said Navroze Eduljee, CEO of CorVant™, the creators of PierVantage. “We continue to see a consistent flow of boatyards and boat builders reaching out to us as they consider upgrading their outdated technology solution or one that was not specifically built for their business. Our solution is designed and built to improve the efficiency of business processes, provide unprecedented visibility into operational and financial aspects of the business and deliver a secure, reliable and scalable platform that is conveniently accessible from anywhere using only a web browser. We speak with owners and general managers who are becoming increasingly frustrated with manual processes and workarounds associated with their legacy systems that tend to stifle staff productivity. Many of them are saying enough is enough; we have to make a change -an indicator that marine companies are feeling good about their growth prospects and recognizing the need to deploy new technology to improve their efficiency and productivity, increase profits, and become more competitive.”

“In my role as General Manager and Chief Operating Officer, I have dealt with numerous accounting software programs and companies, both smaller custom and larger corporate enterprise programs that can really do it all. We have actually first used the smaller custom type then “upgraded” to the larger corporate enterprise type. The problem is they don’t adapt well and modifying them to our shipyard type of business is a nightmare. PierVantage is different – I am impressed with the team and with its capabilities. With the continual product enhancements, organized implementation process and great support, I am pleased with my decision to implement PierVantage for our growing shipyard,” said Doug Dixon, General Manager and Chief Operating Officer of Pacific Fishermen Shipyard and Electric, LLC (Seattle, Washington).

About PierVantage
PierVantage is the leading cloud based business management solution designed specifically for the marine industry. Use PierVantage to simplify job estimation, work management and invoicing, reduce your inventory carrying costs and increase the efficiency and profitability of your operation. Cloud based means the solution is easy to implement, offers tremendous reliability and security compared to on-premise systems and future upgrades are FREE and require no effort on your part. The solution is backed by a highly responsive and knowledgeable support team. Embrace change by upgrading to PierVantage and enjoy the freedom and convenience of accessing your business anywhere, anytime.

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About CorVant, LLC
CorVant, LLC,, is working with small service businesses and suppliers to develop comprehensive business management solutions that lower costs and improve customer service and satisfaction. The company’s team of information technology experts developed PierVantage™, the first and only integrated boatyard management solution available as a SaaS offering, and FulVantage™, a cutting edge web-based e-business solution for wholesalers and distributors.