PierVantage™ signs Kittery Point Yacht Yard, Concordia Company, Derecktor Shipyards and Schooner Creek Boat Works!

PierVantage™, the marine industry’s first and only true cloud based solution built specifically for boatyards, full service marine facilities, and boat building operations is making way in 2013, signing on Kittery Point Yacht Yard, Concordia Company, Derecktor Shipyards and Schooner Creek Boat Works. It has been an exciting first quarter so far for the PierVantage team. “We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to be working with some of the most respected boatyards and boat building operations in the world,” said Navroze Eduljee, CEO of CorVant™, the creators of PierVantage. “The addition of Kittery Point Yacht Yard, Concordia, Derecktor Shipyards and Schooner Creek Boat Works is a sign that marine companies are feeling good about their growth prospects and looking to deploy new technology to improve their efficiency and productivity, increase profits, and become more competitive. We are seeing a significant uptick in companies looking to upgrade from Quickbooks™, DockMaster™, WatchCaptain™ and other general accounting solutions.”

“I don’t think changing operating software platforms is something any business owner or its employees look forward to. It is difficult to change from something that is not broken. We wanted a platform whose architecture and flexibility was built for tomorrow,” said Tom Allen, President of Kittery Point Yacht Yard. “With PierVantage’s cloud based solution, we don’t need to worry about evaluating our software platform every 10 years to keep up with the times — release updates are seamless. Not having to worry about maintaining dedicated server platforms is a big plus and having access to our data from anywhere enhances both our efficiency and customer service. The quality and detail of information that can be extracted in simple and clear report formats is impressive and reflects their understanding of our industry. Any decision worth making should not be easy. Though our decision to change was not, CorVant’s support team made the transition for us much easier than I anticipated. Their level of post implementation service only affirmed our decision.”

About PierVantage™

PierVantage was designed and architected with input from some of the most respected boatyard operators in the marine industry. PierVantage helps marine businesses improve efficiency and increase productivity by giving them the tools to better organize and track daily boatyard tasks and routines. It offers easy to use modules designed to seamlessly track and manage projects from the estimate to invoice, streamlines the work order process throughout the life of a job, and because it is cloud based, you can access it from anywhere, anytime. The PierVantage Solution increases employee accountability, improves communication across all departments, and provides visibility to analyze productivity and profitability to help marine businesses make more informed business decisions.

For more information on how PierVantage can help your business, please visit www.piervantage.com or contact Stephen Bullard at .

About CorVant, LLC

CorVant, LLC, www.corvant.com, is working with small service businesses and suppliers to develop comprehensive business management solutions that lower costs and improve customer service and satisfaction. The company’s team of information technology experts developed PierVantage™, the first and only integrated boatyard management solution available as a SaaS offering, and FulVantage™, a cutting edge web-based e-business solution for wholesalers and distributors.

Dan Tipton (for CorVant, LLC),
Tipton Communications