The PierVantage™ Team Announces the Fall 2013 Functionality Release!

Just four months after the Summer 2013 Functionality Realease, the PierVantage Team is pleased to announce the planned rollout of its Fall 2013 Release. This Release is FREE of charge to existing customers, continuing to demonstrate CorVant’s commitment to providing our customers with world class capabilities designed to help them manage their business better and provide great service to their customers.

As with all of our Releases, the enhancements were based on our Customers’ requests as well as our Strategic Product Roadmap for PierVantage. The MAJOR highlights of the Fall 2013 release are outlined below, but for a complete overview of ALL the new capabilities, please be sure to review the detailed Release Notes document that will be distributed prior to full implementation.

Release Highlights:

Boat Components
The Boat Administration module has now been enhanced to include a comprehensive list of boat components and properties. Over 400 property fields are now categorized across 75 Components in 12 Categories, allowing you to capture and store information about the boats you work on.

The Categories include:
Vessel • Propulsion • Electrical & Ventilation • Rigging
Plumbing • Electronics & Navigation • Cabin/Galley • Systems – Other
Gear • Safety • Paint & Coatings • Anchor & Docking

Document Management
Keeping track of the many documents and artifacts associated with Customers and Jobs is generally challenging. Cataloging them and keeping them with Customer, Boat or Job records in PierVantage where they can be easily accessed should simplify your processes. Now PierVantage offers Document Management capabilities that allow you to:
– Drag and drop PDF files, pictures and video files directly to Work Orders (at the Work Order, Op Code and Task level), Billing, Customer Accounts and Boats
– Administer the uploaded files from a centralized Document Management Console

Work Orders and Billing Enhancements
A sophisticated Work Order management process is a key requirement for all our customers. This Release considerably speeds up the process of making mass edits to Work Order Op Codes and Tasks. A “side curtain” interface allows permissioned users to:
– Mass edit Work Order pricing across all Op Codes.
– Mass edit the statuses and project dates of Op Codes and Tasks.
– Quickly Change the Sort Order of Op Codes on a Work Order.
Additionally, a new ALERT on the Billing interface notifies users when certain criteria are met, such as, a Do Not Exceed Amount on an Op Code is exceeded or a part on a task has a $0 cost or extension. This easy to spot alert notifies the user of potential issues during the invoicing process, reducing revenue leakage and improving customer satisfaction.

Customer Communications
A new Customer Communications module now allows you to centrally keep track of communications with your customers. You can review emails that have been sent from PierVantage and your staff can now document customer conversations or issues allowing others at the yard to stay fully informed.