PierVantage Announces Major New Release

Newark, Delaware (February 19, 2019) – PierVantage, the only true cloud-based business management system built specifically for the marine industry is announcing the rollout of a major upgrade to the platform with over 50 enhancements to functionality. This release has been several months in the making with extensive development, testing and piloting with select partners… Read more »

PierVantage Makes a Move Down Under – Partners with Hart Marine

Newark, Delaware (January 7, 2019) – CorVant, LLC., creator of PierVantage, the marine industry’s leading business management solution, is proud to announce leading Australian boat builder, Hart Marine, implemented PierVantage for Boat Builders. Hart Marine specializes in building commercial pilot boats for clients around the world. “We needed a solution to give us the ability… Read more »

What Gets Measured Gets Improved

Written by Stephen Bullard, Marine Consultant and Sales Director at PierVantage “When you can measure what you are speaking about, and express it in numbers, you know something about it, when you cannot express it in numbers, your knowledge is of a meager and unsatisfactory kind; it may be the beginning of knowledge, but you… Read more »

Planning Your Exit Strategy?

Written by Stephen Bullard, Marine Consultant and Sales Director at PierVantage You have worked hard to build your business.  You are looking forward to moving onto the next chapter of your life.  You don’t plan on turning your business over to a son or daughter.  You are beginning to think about an exit strategy.   What do… Read more »

Commercial Marine Businesses Realize the Value of PierVantage

PierVantage, the marine industry’s first and only true cloud based solution sees a compelling need for its platform with Commercial Marine operations based on continued sales success in that segment. Utilized by complex, leading boat builders and boatyards across North America, PierVantage has caught the eye of many Commercial Marine professionals struggling to grow their… Read more »

Four Reasons to Consider Hiring Subcontractors

Written by Stephen Bullard, Marine Consultant and Sales Director at PierVantage Both large and small businesses often rely on subcontractors to address workforce gaps or complete specialized projects on time.  Based on personal experience, there are a number of benefits when selecting subcontractors under certain circumstances, including completion of work on time and within budget, matching… Read more »

Analyzing Revenue Streams that Impact Your Business

Written by Stephen Bullard, Marine Consultant and Sales Director at PierVantage          “…Making sure the whole is equal to the sum of the parts” Boatyard and Boat Building professionals are keenly aware of the importance in understanding their profit drivers and diversification among their numerous revenue streams. Effective financial oversight of each contributing revenue stream is… Read more »

Cape Charles Yacht Center selects PierVantage for Boatyards

Cape Charles Yacht Center, the newest destination for yacht services on the east coast recently implemented PierVantage for Boatyards. Cape Charles Yacht Center is located just inside of the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, a premier location half way between Florida and New England.  Though its primary purpose is to provide full service for superyachts,… Read more »

Do You Need More or Fewer Customers?

By Stephen Bullard, Marine Consultant and Sales Director at PierVantage On a regular basis, I speak with general managers, owners of boatyards, and boat builders in North America and beyond concerning approaches to growing their business. Nine times out of ten the first thing said is “In order to grow our business, we need more… Read more »

How to Defuse an Upset Customer

By Steve D’Antonio, April 27, 2017 As the guest blogger for the PierVantage monthly boatyard and boat builder’s blog, I wanted to come up with a topic that was relevant, interesting, and one that you encounter as a leader in your business. During my tenure as a boatyard/boat building manager, I learned as much about… Read more »